From the Wayback machine...

Eerie coincidence #1 - Way way way back in 1967, or nearly 40 years before their first meeting at a local jam session, fifteen-year-old Steve and eleven-year-old Chris attended their first "rock" (if it can be so called) concert at the recently opened Oakland Coliseum. Headlining the show was Paul Revere and the Raiders. Also on the bill - The Turtles, Roger Collins, The Mojo Men and Harper's Bazaar. Incredibly, the show lasted only two hours but made a lasting impression.

Eerie coincidence #2 - Sorry, that's about it for eerieness! But how cool was #1? Let us know if you were there and we'll add your name to the list!

Strange but true fact #1 - The average male has about 100,000 hair follicles on his head. Now, hold on to your hats because this one's a doozy. Neither Steve, nor Chris, or for that matter any of the members of Mr. Chin's Hot Sauce is average! Kind of gets you thinking, huh? Hey, maybe that IS coincidence #2 after all.

Strange but true fact #2 - The is nothing silly about Silly Putty or Silly String. It's just a silly marketing ploy. Silly Rabbit? Well, that's another issue altogether.