Blue Chin Roots Archive

Blue Chin Roots was an acoustic duo with Chris Ferreira (mandolin, guitar, banjo, vocals) and Steve Prochnow (guitar, vocals). We focused on acoustic music and played a variety of hits including pop, folk and country - a mix of British Invasion and Americana. Playing mostly coffee houses, BBQ joints and small venues, we were active from 2010 - 2019 in the Bay Area. We also comprised half of the classic rock/soul/blues band, Mr Chin's Hot Sauce, in which Chris is still active on keyboards, along with Dennis "Muddy" Juarez (bass), Mark Carrabello (drums) and Dave Bell (guitar) . Although Steve no longer lives in California, he continues to hone his chops in the Southeast.

This site remains active as a tribute to our past accomplishments and also as a conduit to Mr Chin's Hot Sauce. (Contact us at